Paintings by Hawaii Island artist Ken Charon

“Art as Medicine”

Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh suffered from mental illness. He committed his life to art – it gave his life purpose. Artist Frida Kahlo used her art as a way of dealing with physical pain resulting from a debilitating accident. Her artwork gave her a way to express that pain and make something of her life. These two artists have inspired many people and exemplify Self Discovery Through Art.

The Transformation Process

Whether in painting, poetry, performance, music, dance, or life, there is an intelligence working in every situation. This force is the primary carrier of creation. If we trust it and follow its natural movement, it will astound us with its ability to find a way through problems – and even make creative use of our mistakes and failures. There is a magic to this process that cannot be controlled by the ego. When everything seems as if it is hopeless and going nowhere … trust the process.
Shaun McNiff, Trust the Process